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About the Festival

We're getting ready to welcome you aboard again in 2024! But first...

Who are we? What are we doing? What the heck is a Sea Shanty?

What's a Sea Shanty?

Sea shanties were work songs sung by sailors during the age of sail. They date back to at least the 1400's.


These catchy and memorable tunes were sung to keep time amongst sailors while pulling on ropes or pushing on a capstan, and to relieve the boredom of long, repetitive tasks.

Fancy an example? Moby Dick is a great one! Check out this video for a taste.

The Sea Shanty Revival

Not only are sea shanties part of our seafaring roots here in the Maritimes, but they've also recently morphed into an internet sensation.

TikTok singer Nathan Evans started a viral sea shanty remix that boasts over 16 MILLION views on YouTube. Ever search the hashtag #SeaShanty on TikTok? Over 6 BILLION views. 

Check out The Wellerman Remix!

Welcome to St. Martins

Fundy-St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada boasts a rich and longstanding history of seafaring and shipbuilding dating back to 1783. This, combined with the most incredible picturesque seaside vistas and charming local venues, made it the perfect choice to host the Fundy Sea Shanty Festival.

From its friendly local businesses and cheerful residents to its bustling harbour area, world-famous sea caves, and proximity to the breathtaking Fundy Trail Parkway - St. Martins offers the very best in Bay of Fundy tourism. It's a destination you'll not soon forget, and if the festival is your first visit, we can pretty much guarantee it won't be your last!


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Our Mission

Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the stories and songs of those sailors who helped forge nations during the age of sail, and to promote the history and beauty of the St. Martins area. This will be the only festival of its kind in Atlantic Canada!


To honour this timeless Maritime tradition


To preserve these stories and songs for future generations


To enjoy the journey of sharing sea shanties together

Meet the Crew

The Fundy Sea Shanty Festival would not happen without the dedication and commitment that our executive team brings to the table - along with our many community and festival volunteers. Let's meet just a few of the friendly faces you may encounter behind the scenes and below deck.

Gary Caines

Gary Caines

Artistic Director

Beth Winkle

Beth Winkle

Executive Director

Dave Laskey

Dave Laskey


Pam Norwood

Pam Norwood

Director of the Harbour Bazaar

Debbie Withers

Debbie Withers

Volunteer Coordinator

Donna Kyte

Donna Kyte

Merchandise Crew Chief

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