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The Lineup

Meet the talented artists who'll make this seaside songfest a weekend you'll never forget. Put on your dancing shoes and warm up your singalong chops - it's going to be amazing.

Jimmy Flynn
Before the Mast
Pressgang Mutiny
The Yarmouth Shantymen, July, 2021 in Yarmouth. Photo by Heather Rideout
Fundy Ceilidh
Melanie Ross
Frantically Atlantic 2
Chris Ricketts
Craic At The Cask
Sonia Painchaud

Jimmy Flynn

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The Jimmy Flynn Comedy Show has remained one of the most memorable performances available for 25 years.
With a high-energy blend of sidesplitting comedy and popular music, Jimmy Flynn remains Canada's ambassador of good cheer.

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Brise-Glace - Chants de Marin

The band Brise-Glace is the perfect example of the merging of 2 cultures, of two Bretons and two Quebecers. Since 2014, they have performed on stages and festivals in Quebec, the United States, France, Netherlands and England.

Armed with a guitar, a banjo, an accordion and four voices, they revisit the traditional and contemporary maritime folk repertoire. The result is a very dynamic mix between the traditions of Europe and the new world, between the daily life of sailors and the imaginary world inherited from the sea.

With an extensive experience and communicative energy, the four members of Brise-Glace will know how to… break the ice!

Pressgang Mutiny
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Pressgang Mutiny are a group of musicians and tall ship sailors who have been roaring out songs of the sea since 2013.


They have toured extensively across the East Coasts of Canada and the US and have also played festivals in the UK and Europe. They are dedicated to showcasing a vital tradition of work songs that represents the world's first truly multicultural music to new and familiar audiences alike, all while celebrating the joy and connection of singing together.

Before The Mast
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Before The Mast is nine guys who sing the sea shanties and sea songs that working men sang aboard ships in the age of sail.  They sing with gusto and energy, balanced with heartfelt ballads and carefully-arranged harmonies.  Like the sailors of old, they sing a-cappella (without instruments), allowing the beautiful blend of male voices in harmony to shine through.  

Yarmouth Shantymen

Based in Yarmouth, on the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada, the Yarmouth Shantymen have been performing traditional work songs from the age of sailing ships since 1984. The group has produced three CD collections of shanties and other sea songs.

Melanie Ross
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Steeped in the song tradition of Miramichi and fine tuned in performance venues in places like Tokyo, Bangkok, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Dubai, and Hong Kong, Melanie has delighted audiences with her pure clear voice and her performances from the heart.  Well known for her acapella ballad singing, heartfelt perfomances of many styles of music,  and appearances at folk festivals in Canada and internationally, Melanie brings authenticity to each musical performance.

Whether she is singing her unique acapella ballads, launching into one of her original compositions, or singing one of her thoughtful arrangements of well-known or traditional tunes, an opportunity to see Melanie on-stage is one not to be missed.

Sonia Painchaud
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Sonia Painchaud is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, and a lover of the accordion and all that is has to offer. She comes from a family of musicians and lives on the Magdalen Islands.

Fundy Ceilidh
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An exciting Celtic ensemble based in Atlantic Canada playing the best traditional and modern Celtic tunes around! 

Frantically Atlantic
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We are Frantically Atlantic (Don Rigley and Michelle Daigle), a musical duo based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Our instruments include fiddle (violin), vocals, hammered dulcimer, Irish bouzouki, banjo, ukulele, bodhran (Irish drum), tin whistles, guitar, concertina and spoons.


In our combined history we have served up our bill of fare in the Maritimes, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, New England and Ireland.

Chris Ricketts
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Chris hails from England. Although he has performed in Canada many times this will be his first visit to New Brunswick.


According to Acoustic Magazine, "'Chris is the sort of artist who can hold a whole room spellbound with the sound of his voice alone."

Craic at the Cask
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Craic is an Irish word meaning good times. For nearly six years, 'Craic At The Cask' has entertained audiences every Thursday evening at the Cask & Kettle pub in uptown Saint John. Just like in pubs all over Ireland, they gather to masterfully play traditional Irish jigs, reels, and airs.